Moses Kuria: I'm 52-years-old; my sacking isn't a big deal


• The CS was responding to a question asked by Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange following an uproar from the senate to have him sacked. 

CS  Moses Kuria
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Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has said he is not shaken by calls to have him sacked from office.

The CS was responding to a question asked by Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange following an uproar from the senate to have him sacked. 

"Which hot seat? I am 52 years old, and out of which I have only been a minister for only one year, it is not a big deal," he said. 

When asked about how he feels following calls for his impeachment and allegations he is disrespecting President William Ruto, Kuria said he is a busy person working for the betterment of the country, and wouldn't want to engage in such discussions. 

"Those senators are still in session. Right now the Senate is not a Senate, it is not a legislative house, it is a quasi-court, so out of respect for the laws of this country let me not engage these people," he added. 

"It is what it is."

On Tuesday, the senate had put on hold the hearing of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza's impeachment to discuss the sacking of the CS.

Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna called for the impeachment of the Kuria saying he was embarrassing Ruto's administration. 

"Moses Kuria is a national shame. Just how much embezzlement does the President have to endure? Mr speaker even after your communication, the CS who should be asleep took to X for another comment, action must be taken," Sifuna said. 

"It casts very serious doubt on the appointing authority. First, he came for the media, and now he has come for the Senate, do something.. that is who Moses Kuria is," he added. 

Leader of Majority Aaron Cheruyiot and his counterpart Stewart Madzayo warned that Kuria had attempted to interfere with the impeachment hearing.

Senator Cheruyiot claimed the CS was an embarrassment to the Kenya Kwanza government and President William Ruto.

"Speaker, I agree with members of this house who have brought a motion of censure before to discuss the conduct of this particular minister because every given opportunity has done nothing but embarrass the appointing authority," he said

''In fact, it is my submission, that the earlier CS Moses Kuria is let off his duties, the better for this administration because in every single day, in every action that he undertakes, he continues to embarrass the President and the People." 

Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang called on their counterparts at the National Assembly to bring the impeachment motion as it is the August House which is mandated to do so by law.

"I  want to urge the members of the other house because they are the ones who have the responsibility of censoring and sending serious judicial notice of the conduct of this particular cabinet secretary," he said.

The ODM Senator appealed to the Senate Majority leader to also whisper the concern raised by the Senate to the President, who is the appointing authority.

"The CS is an embarrassment, not just to the government, but to the Republic of Kenya and the entire East Africa," Kajwang added.

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