Karen Nyamu opens up about 1st-born daughter's beautiful relationship with Samidoh

• The politician has two children with her the Mugithi singer, Samuel Muchoki Jr, and Taraya Wairimu. Her first daughter, Teana is her child with her ex-boyfriend DJ Saint Kevin.

A composite photo of Karen Nyamu, Samidoh, her 3 kids and Dj Saint
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Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has opened up about the upbringing of her children and revealed the good relationship between her eldest daughter Tiana and the politician's two baby daddies.

In an interview on the YouTube channel Convo, the mother of three revealed that her nine-year-old girl recognizes Samidoh (Karen Nyamu's current boyfriend) and DJ Saint Kevin (Karen Nyamu's first baby daddy) as her fathers.

The politician surrounded by many controversies said Teana calls both men 'father' and even talks to them regularly.

"She always calls both fathers, 'Dad'. And I always tell her, 'You are very lucky to have two fathers,'" Karen said.

Adding, "She always calls one and tells him 'I want this, this and this,' and then she calls the other one and tells him, 'I want this and this.'"

The lawyer also opened up about her relationship with her daughter, revealing that she usually shares conversations with her about various family issues.

She revealed that she always tries to tell the nine-year-old girl about the whole situation in her family so that she is not surprised when she reads things on social networks.

"My child has a phone, he has a tablet. Schools also have internet stories.  I usually have a conversation with my firstborn, she turned nine years old recently. I usually share conversations with her because there are things she will come across online," she said.

Karen Nyamu went on to reveal that she has already introduced the other children of Samidoh and his first wife, Edday Nderitu to her daughter.

"Like that other family, she knows everyone by name. From mothers, children. She knows them, I told her. I have tried to explain the situation to her. She won't get any surprises online.

She needs to deal with it so that she and I don't have secrets, she might see something that confuses her, or she has psychological issues. I speak to her gently, I always tell her these things," Senator Nyamu said.

The nominated UDA senator revealed that she even shows her nine-year-old daughter some of the harsh words directed at her on social media to make her aware of such things.

Karen Nyamu has two children with her current boyfriend Samidoh, Samuel Muchoki Jr, and Taraya Wairimu. Her first daughter, Teana is her child with her ex-boyfriend DJ Saint Kevin.

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