Jose Chameleone: Kenya and Tanzania beat Uganda in music but not in talent

• The musician is one of the most respected artistes in the industry.

Jose Chameleone
Image: Instagram

Ugandan music star Joseph Mayanja Chameleone has mentioned the strengths and weaknesses of East African countries in the music industry.

Chameleone says that despite Uganda still following Kenya and Tanzania in the field of music, there are areas where his country beats others.

According to the Leone Island boss and one of the region's most respected artists, Ugandan musicians were left behind decades ago because they largely lacked financial resources.

He gave the example of Kenya where since the 1990s, artists could afford the best musical equipment. "Kenyans were very rich and invested a lot of money in their music," he said.

"At that time we had three studios here, they had about 50; so they were far ahead of us." As for the Tanzanians, Chameleone says they went faster than the Ugandans because they have many patriotic fans.

He says this is the reason for artists like Diamond Platinumz, who is treated like royalty by everyone in his country.

But what Uganda lacks in resources and patriotism, according to Chamelone, it makes up for in talent.

The Valu Valu singer believes that neither Kenya nor Tanzania comes close to Uganda in producing musical talent.

"I can tell you this my friends, our neighbors have equipment and love, but they can't sing like us," he said.

"This is the only weapon we have and this is what we must use to build ourselves, others will come."

Chameleone was speaking at the weekly meeting of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) in Makindye.

In the meeting, he gathered fellow artists to understand the importance of working together in the federation.

He also condemned some musicians who have left the outfit since it was formed in May this year.

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