I'm obssessed with money and women-Expelled MKU student Onyango Tate


Onyango Tate, the Mount Kenya University (MKU) student who went viral for his Escape the matrix video was expelled and not suspended  as earlier thought.

Onyango spoke to Oga Obinna about not liking school, why he thinks education is a matrix Kenyans need to escape, and dismissed most Unviversity courses as useless.

"What is the Matrix? Let me explain it in lay terms. The matrix is a fish tank, you know a the fish thinks that it is free in a fish tank, but the moment it tries to escape it realizes, that there is a barrier, it cannot escape. So most people are inside the matrix.

They are enslaved but they don't understand that they are enslaved. leading to a school system so that they program people."

He was in class doing exam that annoyed him, and he was inspired to do a video discrediting education and mocking poor lecturers.

"In that exam there were many stupid questions, so I was like so they asked me what is data and i was like how is this going to make me rich? I want to be rich, I want women, I want something that can put me in a car. How is this thing going to put me in a car, ati what is data?"

He called his videographer to record his thoughts,

"I want talk to people that these people are lying to us, because I'm seeing people doing his course and they are suffering, I am doing English literature, that is being a teacher, I realized that teachers of Literature have been readign most of their lives, but they are poor, they are broke, so who is lying o me, I don't want to be those people."

Why did he chose English literature as a course?

"98 per cent of the people who join university these days, they are clueless, they dont know what they are going to do. most univerist yt stuent spend their time doing drugs, partying coz they know what they are doing is useless its not going to make them rih."

He has never been interested in education

"In high school the teacher was like this exam will determine your future, i was a backbencher, and I said this teacher is lying but I'm humble, I could not say it loud."He also joined university because he was told it would be fun."

He has 3 reasons he joined campus: Peer pressure, 

There was even peer pressure of joining university, ati oh it will be fun. Another thing, You chose a course that goes with your grade. Then when you are out there, you are useless coz they don't teach you any skill, so I believe people come out of university useless."

 English Literature is a useless course

"I'm a Literature student and I  have never read any book. I go to the gym, coz at least if I go to the gym I get strong. When I go to school, school drains me and kills my mind. I don't want thinsg that kill my mind. I think I'm smarter than most of the people who are in class right now."

What is his next move after being expelled?

 "I am proud of myself, I want to I have a podcast. I want to create a brand for myself."

He has a tough condition before returning to campus

"I am not planning to go back unless they tell me how I'm going to be rich. I don't know what logic they will use."

Why does he love money?

"If you are not obsessed with money, then you are not obsessed with freedom. I believe when I'm at the top women will come." 

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