Famous Kenyan artistes who disappeared after releasing major hits

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Where did these outstanding musicians go right after captivating their audiences and fans with their outstanding music?

Camp Mulla,Jimwat, Elani, Sailors Gang
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To a musician, nothing feels worse than being forgotten right after releasing a hit song or two that ruled the airwaves.

Just like Nyashinski sang, “Ambia newcomer asijifeel sana we ni mgeni siku ya kuanza tunakupenda ukikaa kaa tutachoka na wewe…” these musicians came and left immediately after we started enjoying their music.

• Sailors Gang

The all-male Genge group of four rose up because of their great catchy music that always set the mood for dancing.

Sailors were known because of their hit song “Wakeritho” and amazing introductions at the beginning of their songs.

According to their manager, the group was short-lived because of their greed and not because they were signed to an international recording company.

If they decide to revive their group, we as Mpasho will keep you updated.

• Jimwat

Jimwat became famous after singing his outstanding hit song “Sema Nami Sweetie” (sheng talk which means talk with me sweetie) received adequate airplay on various FM stations catapulting him into instant fame.

One of his other hit songs “Sitoi Kitu Kidogo” was included in the National Anti-Corruption Steering Campaign in 2008.

Months after releasing “Under 18” the musician spent the better part of his time in rehab after an alcohol addiction.

• Boomba Clan

Even after numerous explanations that the group are still in the industry, the five Dagoreti students Viq, Thome, Philo, Erico, and Peter still haven’t produced another hit song.

The boy band group is among the first groups that started singing. Unfortunately, not all good things last for long, despite singing hit songs like “Sina Habari”, “African Timer” and “Chonga Viazi” they weren’t able to make a comeback after they disbanded.

Viq kept on living in denial for a long time but finally came to terms that the group was no more singing together.

• Camp Mulla

For those born between 1995- 2009, you surely know who Camp Mulla is and are aware of how they rocked fans with their outstanding lyrics for Gen Alpha sit down it's time for a history class.

Camp Mulla was the youngest musical group that rocked Africa with their highly danceable scintillating tunes and powerful vocals marking them as the new kids on the block.

The group has won several awards throughout their career with hit songs like “Party Don’t Stop”, “Take it to the Floor”, “Fresh all day” and “Pare”.

The original group disbanded in 2013 but still performed together for the last time in 2017. Even after adding new members to the group the band still isn’t functional.

• Ousmane

His real name is Wanjohi Maregwa was a dominant voice back in 2003. He is famous for his hit song "Dunda" which scooped the Chaguo la Teeniez.

The musician gained respect in the reggae-dancehall industry despite initial ridicule. In a 2015 interview, he promised a comeback, but it never came.

• Elani

This is a musical trio made up of Brian Chweya, Maureen Kunga, and Wambui Ngugi.

The group was formed in 2008. Their song Kookoo, released in 2014, was a record hit that had almost every radio station giving it unlimited airtime.

Albeit being a top band, they have been silent for a long time, making their fans lose hope of ever hearing from them again.

They released their last collaboration in 2020 with the song Nimejaribu before each of them went on their pathways.

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