Brown Mauzo quickly reacts after Vera protests over club gig co-hosting photo

• The ex-couple has been having issues ever since the socialite came back after her sojourn in America.

Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

A club poster announcing that Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo would party in the same club this coming weekend is raising all sorts of storms.

Vera had a few days ago indicated she would be hosting a gig in a club in Mwea, the same venue where Mauzo was set to appear. 

His poster showed that Vera was to be his co-host, but Vera did not have a picture of Mauzo. In a turn of events, Vera has disowned Mauzo's poster and told off blogs suggesting they would be together.

"It has come to my attention that some individuals and blogs are advertising a certain performance between me and an Ex in Mwea.

I would like to let my fans and the general public know that this form of advertising is misleading and deceptive crafted in a format to profit from my personal family situation.

Kindly take note that I will not be attending or making an appearance at Jami executive gardens, Mwea." she wrote

Mauzo on his part has shared a new poster that shows Vera has been replaced by his newest catch, Kabinga Jr.

The re-edited poster has caught the attention of netizens who are amused at the feuding ex-spouses.

"Whatsup Mwea people..... Me and the love of my life will be making an appearance at Jamii Garden this Saturday. Come and party at the baddest event this weekend Chiiiiiiiiiii."

 trulysharon_.....That was fast😂😂😂😂  

ndutawaithera...That was quick 😂  

wanjikushix...Haiya.. wamboshayne...

.wamboshayne..Mauzo mpaka anatumia jina ya Sidika ndio ashine 😂 anyway kama hawangekumention ata hatungejua Kuna event ama whatever huko

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