Regina Daniels: I would rather save my husband versus my dad

• Regina is married to Nigerian politician Ned Nwoko

• The two although they have a 40 year age gap have 2 kids together.

Regina Daniels with her husband Ned Nwoko
Image: Courtesy

Nigerian actress Regina Daniels has stated that if push ever came to shove and she had to choose between either saving her dad or her husband, she would 100% choose her husband no questions asked.

The actress was asked a make-believe question on the set of her new movie Switching Places, which prompted her response.

Regina was candidly asked in a hypothetical situation if she was left to choose who to give her kidney to between her father and her husband whom would she choose? Daniels without a second thought, stated that she would choose to give her kidney to her man!

Defending her choice the 23-year-old actress noted that she would choose to save her husband over her father for the sake of her children. The actress stressed that she would rather go through the hurt of being without her own father than her children experiencing that kind of pain.

"They say a mother's love can outweigh anything, if I have children with my husband I think it is only right to give my children a future with their father because I love my children.

So I will starve myself the joy and privileges of having a father but I will not starve my children. So I can take the pain and let my father go but my children would never suffer that same fate. I will save my children's father," the actress explained.

Regina who is married to Nigerian politician Ned Nwoko currently has two children (both of whom were born on the same day two years apart) whom she shares with her husband.

Her first son Munir whom she welcomed in 2020 is three years old and her baby boy Khalifa is a year old.

Her marriage to Nwoko was indeed very controversial back in 2019, given that she was only 19 years old and her significant other was 59 years old at the time.

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