I had a friend that I was crushing on the Mum!- Chito confesses


• Kiss FM listeners highlighted some of the reasons that they broke up with their friends or why they were left by their friends.

Kwambox and Chito
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On the morning show on Kiss FM with Chito Ndlovu and Captain Kwambox, the topic of discussion was friendship breakups.

We all have been in relationships, and we reach a point where we decide to cut off some of our friends or they do the same thing.

This aspect of ending things between friends formed the topic of discussion in The Morning Kiss. 

 "Ever had a friendship that you never thought could end but it did eventually.....let us know why, what happened that brought a drift between you and your friend?"

Kwambox, in a flabbergasted tone, said that someone told her on TikTok that he and his friend parted ways when his friend started hitting on his mother and he wasn't happy with it.

While Kwambox was still in shock about it, Chito decided to add salt to the stew and confessed that he also had a friend he was crushing on the mom but because he had morals he didn't go further.

Our amazing active Kiss FM listeners highlighted some of the reasons that they broke up with their friends or why they were left by their friends.

Judging from their responses all of them seem so valid for a relationship to be ended. Here are some of the responses;

Chege wa kinoo@JosephC07420643:Kuna huyu jamaa alikua beshte yangu walaiii ,alimalizia msupa wangu hio kitu sijawai sahau na tukakosana ,

Rachel Achieng: A friend broke up with me because she asked for money and I didn't have at that moment, I tried asking people I know but didn't succeed, she thought I didn't care enough and that she was testing me, and boom BLOCKED,, I hope she achieves her goals still. all the best to her.

Nyongesa Tonney: 4-year relationship, so long distance became a challenging factor all the way, she Would want her engine to be checked but the mechanic was always unavailable and she looked for another mechanic, But I have always missed her.

Molly Maina: I once had a friend in fact best friend we were always together, told each other everything and I mean everything, hungetukosa pamoja. We could write each other letters back in high school haha good memories...but one-day things changed, she stopped talking to me, distanced herself I really never knew what happened till date. But such is life, change is inevitable.

Brian Kemoi: I had a best friend, but when he entered into a new romantic relationship, his girlfriend was very possessive and discouraged his close friendships.He began to distance himself from me under the influence of his girlfriend.

Grace Kharah Montanah: I had a friend so close she was like a sister to the day I traveled home I mean ushago aliamua Kuni replace kwa my fiancee.

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