Zari issues warning to ladies about surgery she already had herself

• The socialite has been very open about the cosmetic surgeries she has had on her body.

Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Ugandan entrepreneur with many businesses in South Africa, Zari Hassan has explained the cost of her expensive surgery and given reasons why less-able women should avoid it.

Zari Hassan said the costs of her surgery do not end with the surgeon's visit, which is why poor women should avoid it.

Hassan, who has undergone stomach surgery herself, said after visiting the surgeon, the next plan is to live a healthy life.

"The issue of a woman waking up one day and deciding her belly is big and needs to be removed, women, I tell you, no one should make you feel bad about this... Why should you still have a big belly and you have money for surgery?" she asked herself while talking to the media.

"Also, something people don't know is that after surgery, you need to watch what you eat, you need to exercise, you need to live a healthy lifestyle, take your vitamins... All those things."

Zari has previously said that she no longer cares about people trying to humiliate her for having plastic surgery because "now it's a lifestyle".  She said she "looks beautiful now" thanks to the stomach surgery.

In May, Fantana (real name Francine Koffie), her co-star in the popular Netflix series 'Young, Famous and African', tried to shame her that she had paid to buy fake hips from Brazil, also known as BBL. "5 bbls? You've remodeled your entire body to look like me. Have you seen where your belly is?" she posted on social media.

According to, the Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that increases the size and shape of one's butt while removing fat from other parts of your body.

Zari has never confirmed paying for a BBL but has been honest about the stomach surgery.

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