Mulamwah and Ruth held a traditional wedding this past weekend

Cute words Mulamwah told his in-laws about marrying 'bestie' Ruth

• The couple surprised many Kenyans when they held a traditional wedding over the weekend.

Mulamwah and Ruth appear to have influenced their respective parents to also call each other besties.

The comedian on Saturday, Oct 28, took his parents and other family members to the home of Ruth his bestie, where they held a traditional marriage ceremony.

On his YouTube page, the comedian shared a recap of how the day went providing a behind-the-scenes of the day, and the speeches recorded.

During the introduction ceremony, Ruth's dad and mum referred to themselves as besties, as did Mulamwah's father while holding his wife.

Ruth's dad cutely said;

"Hapa niko na beste, I want to thank God for today, maana kuna mabo mawili ambayo mzazi hawezi kumpati amtu, jambo la kwanza mzazi hawezi kumpati amtu mwamnamke."

Mulamwah is normally very private and for the first time showed pride in sharing a picture of his father.

"PAPA ♥️♥️♥️ , always there, proud to be a chip off the old block. siku iliwezaaa mbayaaa . watch how it went down kwa kina bestie - link on my bio," wrote Kendrick as he introduced his father to his fans on Instagram.

The guests laughed knowing that this is the endearing term the content creator uses. Mulamwah also showed how shy he was when his turn to address the in-laws came.

"I am a man of few words, My name is Kendrick Mulamwah that is on Facebook, but my original name is David Oyando, Nimefurshia sana you guys have welcomed us so well and we are happy, tuendele kuenjoy sabana ni sherehe kubwa , thank you very important."

Mulamwah's granny also revealed she has a co-wife and wants a third to make the family whole.

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