Hamisa's fascinating reaction to whether she would get 2nd DNA test for 'son' with Diamond

• This DNA of the socialite's second-born is something that always comes up when the Tanzanian singer spends time with his other kids.

courtesy instagram
courtesy instagram

Pressure has been piling on Hamisa Mobetto to declare who the biological father of her son is since Diamond Platnumz's publicly spending time with Zari and Tanasha's children.

Two weeks ago, Diamond hung out with his children Zari and Tanasha, in what appeared to be the first time the children were meeting.

One child was missing from the picture, according to the internet and netizens began talking about why Hamisa's son Dylan was not part of the happy family moment.

Speculation then began if indeed Diamond was the biological dad.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Instagram

On Saturday, Oct 28, Hamisa appeared in public to attend a function where bloggers asked her the question on everyone's mind. 

Hamisa's friend Mange Kimambi had two days ago said Hamisa is ready to do a second DNA test for Dylan, to counter all claims made.

She said this would clear her friend's reputation and insisted that Diamond is Dylan's biological dad.

Hamisa was asked if any of this was true, "Ah it depends on which part she spoke about. Lakini she is one of the people that supports me, and what I can say is I appreciate her. I appreciate what she does, you know sometimes you don't need to talk too much yeah so that's it."

She was asked to address whether she would take a second DNA claim which she refused to answer by saying, "Bye I have to go now. Byeee," while walking away. 

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