Abel Mutua calls out NTV after alleging he will receive 8 million payout from Netflix


• He and Phil director have a film that will soon be airing on Netflix that he worked with amazing and big actors.

Abel Mutua
Image: Instagram Abel Mutua

Abel Mutua has called out Nation Media for posting a story giving out figures that are said to be earned from their film that is to be featured on Netflix.

In the story, they wrote that Abel Mutua and Phil director, Phil’ Karanja are poised to receive a substantial payout of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million) from the sale of their 2020 movie.

Nation claims that they got the figures stated in the story from an interview with the veteran producer Rueben Odanga who confirmed it.

They say Odanga revealed what he received from one of his projects, Nafsi (which did very well) is the rumored amount that Phill director will also receive.

It doesn't stop there they continue and say that the comedian, Abel Mutua disclosed that they earned a profit of 2 million after the film premiered in 2020 for they invested 7 million.

“From pre-production to marketing, we’ve used Sh7m. The returns are almost hitting millions, so it was successful. We appreciate it because most film projects don’t make a profit.”

This is the statement that Abel is said to have stated.

In a change of events, it seems like Abel has come across the story and he is not happy with what was written.

Abel expressed his disappointment in a post on his Instagram stories warning The Nation Media to take down the story.

He is also questioning the statements that are said to be made by him. This is what he wrote in his stories;

     "@ntvkenya this is so low of you. Where did you get these figures from? Who has even talked to you about anything? Style up manze. You of all people should know better. Take down this nonsense please."

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