Huddah: Stop clout chasing with people's deaths

• She wrote this minutes after paying her condolences to late Aziza Frisby, an Instagram model.

Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram

Huddah Monroe is talking about fake love that runs the internet when someone dies. She wrote this minutes after paying her condolences to the late Aziza Frisby, an Instagram model. 

"It's the fake love for me when someone dies. I hope I'm in Pluto by the time mine comes. Death is the only thing we all have in common. Some early, some late. But it the end for us all eventually," she wrote on Instagram stories

Adding "Some people mock the dead and the elderly as if they'll stay young forever and never die. It's a right of passage for us all. Humble yourselves. It's turn by turn.

She asked her fans to stop living to impress other people because the dead are quickly forgotten. She also asked people to stop clout-chasing with other people's deaths.

"If you didn't know someone in person or even met them, just seen them online, please save your RIP for your friends. Stop clout chasing with people's death."

One celeb mourning the death of Aziza Frisby Monroe wrote, "Still shook, she was such a calm person."

Another famous socialite also mourned Ms Aziza and wrote, "Can't believe my baby is no more! This is not real, somebody pinch me. The purest soul ever!!! So beautiful, unproblematic, no drama. My heart is bleeding you didn't deserve this, no you. No, no no.

I can promise you one thing, that girl's star was too bright they couldn't take it anymore. They had to finish her!! And we will get to the bottom of this. Jealous everywhere. I know for sure what that city has turned into. U can't trust nobody!!"

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