Flaqo's ex showers his girlfriend with birthday praise

• Flaqo's ex girlfriend took to social media to shower love and praise for Flaqo's current bae Keranta

Flaqo and girlfriend Keranta
Flaqo and girlfriend Keranta

Flaqo's ex girlfriend Anne Tracy is showering the content creator's current girlfriend, Keranta, with praise. Tracy recently made headlines after she revealed that she regretted ever leaving the content creator.

Taking to social media, Tracy shared a photo of Keranta as she wished her a healthy life.

"Happy Birthday girlfriend, to more life and great health."

Flaqo on the other hand had previously thrown a birthday surprise for his girlfriend. Keranta also wished herself well as she turned a year older.

"Lucky Number 22! Stepping into my 22nd BLESSED."

This comes days after Flaqo's ex revealed her regrets while giving a timeline of their relationship at the time.

"We got to know each other on Facebook and started online dating. I moved to live with him in Kisumu, where he was still in college, and we stayed together for a while."

They both agreed to call the relationship off on long distance grounds.

"I do regret it. I wish I had stayed; maybe now I would be in Dubai. But I am very happy for him," she said.

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