Akothee begs Kenyans to report person impersonating her hubby Omosh

• The singer has also asked Kenyans to stop calling her as they only want gossip.

Akothee with her hubby Omosh.
Image: Instagram

Akothee has asked Kenyans to help her report a fake Facebook account under her husband's name.

Omosh was never on Facebook, and someone has taken advantage of that and is busy conning people.

The mother of five now says

“This fake Account is now inboxing people to send money, kindly help me report this Account. Omondi Denis was never on Facebook and is not on Facebook. This is very wrong & very mean

Kuwa na utu…This guy has zero info, si poa. Rejoice as much as you can, but don't be this mean. Help me report this account,” she wrote.

The singer has also asked Kenyans to stop calling her as they only want gossip.

“The news you have that is all. Those calling me constantly just know you are destruction [sic] and I don't like it I am in the middle of meetings, what do you want us to talk about?You are not calling because you care, you are calling because you want first-hand information.

She further warned

DO NOT CALL ME I REPEAT DONT CALL ME you never called me when I was winning, you never called to check up on me, and most of you calling me now call to congratulate me on Big wins. DO NOT WASSAP ME DO NOT CALL ME. I AM FINE AND BUSY WORKING KILA MTU APAMBANE TU Na maisha yake,” she wrote.

Rumour has been rife the two have parted ways months after their royal wedding.

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