Madowo's permanent vow after meeting Eliud Kipchoge


• He took to social media with a photo of him and Kipchoge holding the pair of sneakers.

International journalist Larry Madowo and the World's greatest Marathoner Eliud Kiopchoge's holding signed sneakers on September 27, 2023.
Image: Instagram

The most accomplished marathoner in the world, Eliud Kipchoge, has autographed these trainers for CNN journalist Larry Madowo, who was visibly excited when displaying them.

Madowo posted a picture of himself and Kipchoge holding the trainers on social media.

He requested ideas from his followers on how to keep the trainers safe.

"Who has a glass case I can use to show off these signed by the Eliud Kipchoge? I’ve never worn them and now I never will!" he said.

Kipchoge and Nike collaborated to launch the "EK Umoja" line of footwear and clothing in September.

According to the clothing line's creator, Nike, its eight unique items sum up the World Champion's heritage and way of thinking.

The collection, called "Umoja," which in Swahili means "unity," honours the champion's enormous influence on the running world.

The collection was mentioned by Kipchoge as an example of work done in collaboration with the running community.

“Umoja stands for Unity in my native Swahili. This collection represents the work done together as a running family and community,” the double Olympic Marathon champion and World Marathon record holder said.

The Nike Alphafly 2, Nike Vaporfly 3, Nike Zoom Fly 5, Pegasus 40, and Nike Victory track spike are among the five Nike running shoe styles included in the collection.

The Nike Windrunner jacket, Nike Rise 365 tee, Nike Stride 7-inch short and a Nike Dri-FIT tee are all part of the clothing range.

The price of the Nike Windrunner jacket is Sh19,492, the price of the Nike Rise 365 tee is Sh5,775, the price of the Nike Stride 7-inch short is Sh10,107, and the price of the Nike Dri-FIT tee is Sh5,775.

The Pegsus 40 costs Sh18, 770, the Nike Zoom Fly 5 costs Sh 23,101, the Nike Vaporfly costs Sh36, 096, and the Nike Alphafly costs Sh39, 706.

Both sneakers and apparel bear the recognisable EK insignia and the champion's favourite catchphrase, "No Human is Limited."

The launch was done in advance of the Berlin Marathon on September 24.

After finishing in 2:02:42 to become the first runner to win the Berlin Marathon five times, Kiopchoge continued his winning streak.

He now holds the record for the marathon, which he established with a time of 2:01:09.

By winning the junior race at the 2003 World Cross Country Championships and setting a world junior record over 5000 metres on the track, Kipchoge won his first solo world championship title.

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