Breeder LW talks Kipchoge and shameful treatment of sports by govt.

• The rapper maintained Eliud had undoubtedly proved he was the G.O.A.T and his achievements needed to be celebrated loudly while he was still a living legend.

Kenyan artist Breeder LW
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artist Breeder LW is faulting the government and citizens as well for not taking sports seriously when the craft is a bursting pot of gold.

"Nilisomea hizo sides za Iten and that place out of 10 people 8 are athletes," started off the artist.

He went on to add;

"Ideally we have lots of Eliud KIpchoge and Faith Kipyegon, in thousands it is just that they have not yet been discovered or gotten opportunities.

Every morning and evening you meet with people there training, just running bro,"

Breeder went on to recount how back in high school there was a pupil who was apparently lightning-fast. According to the 'Ni Kubayai' crooner, the said kid could cover 100 meters in 9.9 seconds.

"We had someone in school who used to run 100 meters in like 9.9 hapo and that is without professional world-class training!"

The artist went on to insist that the country is swimming with untapped talent just waiting to be discovered and this did not just apply to athletes.

He argued Kenyans were madly talented all around but sadly people treat sports as just a hobby and not a career while they are money-making avenues.

Eliud Kipchoge.
Image: Instagram

"Kenya when it comes to sports, we have a lot of untapped talent, a lot! Huko grassroots when you go there people play volley ball, football, basketball, even boxing. All kinds of sports they are killing it. The main problem is we treat sports like a hobby.

We don't see it as an avenue that can change a lot of people's lives. Hopefully one day we will see the government taking sports seriously," lamented Breeder.

Finishing up Breeder noted that if we can produce the greatest most accomplished marathon runner ever (read Eliud Kipchoge) that means we can have other great sportsmen as well.

"Eliud ni goat was marathon hypothetically him being Kenyan means we have Michael Jordan (basketball player) Messi (footballer) Phelps (swimmer) or Rafael Nadal (tennis player)!

We have someone who is the best ever in the world in their respective field in our midst! Kenya is full of greatness."

Minus his rant Breeder noted we needed things such as a stadium, road, and even a statue in honor of the marathon runner (Eliud Kipchoge) because he had undoubtedly proved he was the G.O.A.T and his achievements needed to be celebrated loudly while he was still a living legend. 

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