Sarah Hassan is changing the narrative people have in regards to the Kenyan entertainment industry

Veteran Sarah Hassan gives glowing verdict on Kenya's film industry

• The mom of one is a seasoned actress who has won a couple of awards over the years.

Kenyan actress/ script writer Sarah Hassan.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan multi-award-winning actress, model and creative Sarah Hassan is changing the narrative people have in regards to the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The mother of one wants people to know the industry has grown and it is literally a bursting pot of gold.

During the launch of her latest project a telenovela series dubbed Zari, Sarah gushed over the industry noting the growth was no small feat.

She went on to add that the growth had seen investors flocking to help grow and propel it even further as they had faith in what creatives were putting out there.

“We are seeing a lot of investment in the Kenyan content, I’m sure there are a lot of projects coming and it’s great to see the Kenyan film industry growing the way it is growing," started off the award-winning actress.

Giving pointers on how to ensure one beautiful reaps from the industry the seasoned actress advised creatives to learn to take their roles more seriously, fully invest in them, and position themselves in a manner that will make them marketable.

“I would say invest in the characters that you are playing, this is really important. I say hard work goes a long way, I would say respect in general goes a long way (as well), consistency and belief in your craft,” the former TV host candidly said.

Brenda Wairimu and Sarah Hassan at the launch of their new show Zari

This new show which has been produced by Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan of Jiffy Pictures will be Sarah's comeback to the screens as she has been away for the last half year.

She will be co-starring alongside fellow seasoned actress Brenda Wairimu. The project is part of Maisha Magic Plus’s content rebranding strategy that will also see the channel adopt a new logo in October.

Zari tells the story of a young woman whose rightful family and fortune are stolen from her by her duplicitous adopted family.

Born to a wealthy family, Nina is given away by her grandfather to be raised by his servant Bosco and his wife Fridah who swear to keep this secret.

Years later, when the opportunity presents itself for Nina to claim her rightful place, Bosco and Fridah pass off their biological daughter Lola as Nina, denying Nina a chance to meet her real family and live the life she was meant to live.

Zari is set to premiere on October 23rd.

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