The Luutayas were joined by Zari's sons in a club

Zari and husband Shakib party hard for her 43rd birthday

• Her husband treated her to a pre dinner party.

• She loves living life on the first lane.

Zar Hassan turned 43 years old this past weekend with a fun-filled party affair.

The mother of five was joined by her Ugandan husband Shakib Cham as she marked turning a year older.

"Bday dinner courtesy of oga," she wrote about her first celebration with Shakib.

The businesswoman was in very high spirits as Shakib drove her Jeep to the restaurant.

The couple spent a cosy intimate moment as she delighted in his adoration of her.

"He is taking random videos," she said about how he worships her.

Shakib bought her a bouquet of red roses.Later the pair joined her two older sons including Nigerian socialite Swanky Jerry in a nightclub, where they partied the night away.

"Birthday was lit. Circle too tight no corners" she told as her sons took videos of her dancing and sipping on champagne.

They partied until 7 am "7 am bruhhh... got me a best friend One that will tell you.. you look cute even after a night out with messy hair. love you babe shakib cham"

There have been questions raised about Zari's real age.In June she was forced to defend her age when a promoter leaked her passport, which displayed her age.

Zari has always said she was born in 1980, but her passport showed she was born in 1978.he clarified that those close to her know her actual age.

“Let me tell you, nobody can take away my age. I was born on September 23, 1980. My family knows that my mother knows that, my siblings know that, and the few friends I went to school with know that. When people travel, they often change names, ages, and birth dates for various reasons when they visit other countries. And my man is 35 years old.”

zari birthday
zari birthday

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