Watch: Diamond lovingly cries on stage for Zuchu

• That Diamond is going to these lengths to celebrate Zuchu comes as a surprise to many keen watchers who know his philandering reputation.

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu in Islamic traditional garb.
Image: Instagram/Romy Jons

Fans were shocked yesterday when Tanzanian performer Diamond Platnumz started crying on stage.

His rumoured lover Zuchu, who he has been romantically linked with him for nearly two years, was the cause of his out-of-character behaviour.

He did this while performing his 2015 hit, Utanipenda, at the Wasafi Festival, which was taking place in the Sumbawanga district.

The artist, who doesn't typically show much emotion in public, used the occasion to go all out for his signee and even knelt on stage while singing the chorus and adding Zuchu's name, asking her if she would still love him if things didn't work out.

His adding Zuchu's name to the chorus is noteworthy considering that he originally sang the song with his first baby mama Zari's name in it.

"Bado nawaza sana, je itakapofika tama Zuchu utanipenda?... na magazeti yatanibwaga utasikia tafarani eti mpaka kwa Zuchu nimemwagwa na venye nilivyo mnyonge."

(I'm still thinking a lot, when the time comes, will Zuchu love me?... and the newspapers will talk about me, you'll hear that until Zuchu I've been talked about by those who are miserable) Diamond finished emotionally as the crowd cheered him on.

Watch the video below. Start the video from the 9:10 time mark and watch until the 11.22 mark to see Diamond crying;

Many observant observers who are aware of Diamond's reputation for being a player are surprised that he is going to such lengths to commemorate Zuchu.

The 'African Beauty singer has frequently avoided confirming whether he and the singer of "Sukari" were dating and has sent conflicting signals about the nature of their connection.

With her numerous protestations of love for Diamond, Zuchu has been the driving force behind their relationship and is the one who appears to be pressuring Diamond to claim her in public.

Many people will now wonder if Mr. Platnumz will follow up this public confession with a marriage proposal considering that none of his other lovers ever had the good fortune.

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