Comedian Awinja responds to Kibe claims of her being sexy

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Jacky Vike famously known as Awinja(Nyamwalo) is an actress, comedian, dancer, yoga instructor, mother of one and the third born in a family of five.

Actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja
Image: Instagram

Jacky Vike famously known as Awinja has appreciated Andrew Kibe for acknowledging her as the most sexy human being.

It came as a shock to the comedian since she had no idea Andrew Kibe had acknowledged her beauty but was thankful regardless.

Awinja in a simple statement thanked the male activist for his praise and refused to add other statements to his claim after she was asked whether Kibe was crushing on her.

"Mashallah, lemme appreciate sina kitu ya kusema other than asanti nimeshkuru  "

Despite several warnings from the mother of one, the journalist kept on insisting that Andrew Kibe had a crush on her since he doesn't appreciate people that much.

"Unajua Kibe anajulikana na sifa tofauti tofauti lakini wewe ukjo on the right books na anaembrass your beauty as the sexiest human being. Labda umemteka Kibe na hujui "

She told the entertainment journalist to stop insisting on things and that he shouldn't create a mountain out of a molehill because of a compliment.

" Acha uchochezi bana, Mimi nasema asanti, its a compliment mbona nikatae compliment nimesema asanti.It is courteous to say thank you once someone compliments you."

 Below is a clip of their interview.

Other than thanking Kibe for his praise, the comedian also spoke on the secret to her amazing summer body.

When she was asked whether she had a meal plan, the dancer joked that she ate everything the only thing she didn't take poison.

"Mimi nakula kila kitu kenye siezi kula ni sumu pekee. Ni genetics sisi kwetu si wakubwa sana tukona mwili ndogo

but other than that I do hot yoga ama Bikram yoga is a room is heated then mnafanya yoga hapo for 40 minutes siezi wadanganya ati ni hivi au ni vile mimi nakula kila kitu."

She ended her interview by urging people to follow what they want and not because it was something that was trending at the current moment they'll excel in life when they do what they love.

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