Fans worldwide held cndlelight ceremonies to mrk the life of Mohbad

Shakilla joins Kenyans in candlelight ceremony for late Nigerian singer Mohbad

• Mohbad died last week

• Fans are questioning circumstances surrounding his death

Fans worldwide converged in different spots to hold candlelighting ceremonies to celebrate the life of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad.

Ilerioluwa Aloba popularly known as Mohbad, was 27 years old and died on Sep 12.

His family was buried the next day.

Kenyans also held a ceremony where socialite Shakilla was among those marking his life.

The teen wore a shirt in his honor at the venue of the ceremony. She also signed placards with a message to the late singer

"Justice for Mohbad. We love you" she wrote drawing several hearts on the message.

Mohbad was also celebrated on a billboard in Times Square New York.

Protests have also rocked Lagos as fans call for investigations into his death.

The Nigerian Police Force in a notice called for calm saying an autopsy has been conducted.

"Mohbad: Autopsy Update The Nigeria Police Force wishes to inform the public that the autopsy procedure for Mr. Mohbad has been completed. Further information will be provided as soon as the results are available."

Mohbad's father also opened up about why the family hurriedly buried their late son. In an interview shared by Temilola Sobola (@TemilolaSobola) via Instagram, the father cited Yoruba culture as the reason for the quick burial.

Explaining that it is customary not to delay the burial of a deceased person when both parents are still alive.

He mentioned that if Mohbad had passed away at an older age, the option of keeping his body in a mortuary for a later date might have been considered.

The father also revealed that the land where his son was laid to rest belonged to Mohbad and that he had given it to him to build a church.

mohbad tribute in kenya
mohbad tribute in kenya

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