Shorn Arwa admits she has never met good friend, Nairofey's hubby

• She also clarified that they were still friends despite what the public might think.

Shorn Arwa
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Shorn Arwa has highlighted she is uncomfortable with her friend Nairofey reuniting with her husband Yeforian after their public spat.

Shorn clarified that she and Nairofey were still friends despite what the public might think.

"I hope this comes out in the most respectable way possible... Nairofey is my friend, the husband is not my friend. Because when you hurt my friend, you stop being my friend you know. I'm not the biggest supporter of his.

Up till this day, I still believe he is back to finally finish her. That is what I'm going to say," the new mom said without a hint of humor, highlighting that she truly feels that way.

She went on to add;

"But she is still my friend...I didn't even know this guy personally, actually, I used to see him on social media just like everyone else. This might surprise people but I never even met him anyway.

I hear people saying I'm a bad person for letting her go back to her ex, Nairofey is a grown-up, the husband is an adult, and I am an adult so everyone can make their decisions. They are both entitled to go online and say they are back together.

Breakups happen all the time and sometimes people work things out and forgive each other. It is hypocritical for people to act like this is the first couple to get back together,"

Nairofey and Yeforian back together
Image: Instagram

The content creator maintained that at the end of the relationship was theirs and there is nothing she or the country could do if the two had indeed chosen to be together however much we despised the move.

"I'll be lying if I come here and be like I'm cool or okay with this because I'm not. I mean as a country we had our guard up, we cried with her, we were rooting for her and all that but wueh it is not easy to come between two people when love is involved,"

Shorn went on to add that as outsiders we couldn't possibly know what goes down in a relationship. She gave Yeforian some credit noting that maybe he had changed and was working on really being better.

"Who are we to judge them? Maybe they are working on their differences right now and maybe we am wrong. Maybe this time round he has come to uplift her... I might be wrong by the way and he has come to make her life better.

But as a friend who saw her sad and crying and was there for her it is hard for me," the YouTube content creator emotionally said. 

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