Maina amazed at the thought that dads need time away from their families

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Are men using personal space as a way of running away from their families or do they need a break from everything?

Maina Kagemi
Maina Kageni Maina Kagemi
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During the morning show on Classic 105, Kenya's most loved radio presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i had an interesting conversation on men's mental health.

The dynamic duo requested their fans to help them understand who between men and women who needed to take some time off from their families.

The morning conversation was inspired by COTU Secretary General Atwoli's statement about breaking the taboo on men's mental health.

According to scientists married men should take time away from father duties to have time for themselves so that they can take time to declutter their minds since it will enable them to create a better bond with their children and families.

Maina was of the notion that men don't need time to declutter their minds since they do it every weekend while Mwalimu was supporting that men need some time off.

A caller had this to say regarding the topic;

"Men deserve a break for me I pay for my husband to go for a trip for two days he clears his mind. I really appreciate him and I want him to have his own space."

Another added;

"Men are carrying the burden of this society, fort me my woman isn't working, I am paying fees, rent, siblings am taking care of, school fees I have a lot of things on my plate. I would like to declutter for a week, I'll carry a book so I can reconnect with myself then come back after a week so I can connect with my family more."

The last caller had this to add;

"Maina acha kutuzungusha , tunahitaji ku declutter, usitake kujua tunaenda na nani acha tukadeclutter, nikona stress sai nikona vijana wawili wanajoin university next year na bibi anafikiria nikona wanawake nairobi. I need time off kila mtu ananistress na family issues." 

Some listeners felt they needed to express themselves but were too afraid to call so they tweeted their views. Below are some of their tweets.

@native_kenya- We should have this in our constitution, that every couple must declutter for 90 days annually. We all need this

@MuriukiB -Declutter is what has been missing .. sasa daktari amesema. No more questions.. you declutter on Friday and appear on Monday evening.

@shyrojackelwa-Mimi i think marriage iwe na half term kila mtu anaenda ku declutter kivyake, sasa hao scientist watupee idea ni wapi tunaweza peleka hawa watoto that time waka declutter ki vyao pia

@Mikelmau2gmailC-the problem with our men ata hawataenda mbali moja kwa moja hadi kwa local yao

@jennykanyiri- After decluttering, then what, aren't the women part and parcel in handling family issues, waache hizo

@AngelaM87677375- My man keeps telling me, he has gone into "a nothing box", he either goes to the village, switch off the phone and just stays indoors at home. Just stay with the mother for some time, then he comes back. I used to follow him up thinking he was cheating but he wasn't. They need space

@Willing20217950 -A man needs to go out, hang out and DECLUTTER from all home stress, atleast have fun for about 1 month, we ni nini @ItsMainaKageni hushikanishi hii mambo

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