Fuming Andrew Kibe raises serious questions after Google explained channel termination

• The content creator had one of the biggest YouTube channels in Kenya before it was abruptly terminated.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

Former YouTuber Andrew Kibe has addressed the issue of why his popular YouTube account was terminated by Google.

Broadcasting on his Instagram and Rumble pages, the controversial content creator wrote on his Twitter page stating,

"Sounds so pedestrian. Can you show me the emails of the violations? That is the procedure, right? I mean there is no way @YouTube permanently blocks any channel that has over 3000 videos with no paper trail? Be serious with your job." he angrily wrote.

He then went ahead to issue another statement where he agreed with his good friend IQ Watson who had also called out the Google head with the statement below;

"Dearest @dorothyooko When a leopard wants to eat its younglings, it accuses them of smelling like goats -a Xhosa proverb."

Before Kibe promptly added, 

"According to the Digo’s it’s a Hyena."

His response was a direct retort to Google Head of Communication Dorothy Aoko's statement outlining what the former radio presenter had done to warrant the termination of his channel.

What had caused the severe consequence however was that he tried to circumvent Google's restriction of his posting on his primary channel by posting on a secondary channel.

"Kibe violated YouTube's Terms of Service. While he was restricted from using YouTube features, including uploading videos on his channel, he used another channel to get around these restrictions aka circumvention, resulting in termination of all his channels."

Ooko revealed this information to an X user called Mariam who had called out Google saying that they were censoring Kibe.

"Cancel culture can not be allowed to take root in content creation. @kibeandy termination of YouTube accounts is NOT about his message but a direct attack on the creative. Restore his accounts. Say NO to CANCEL CULTURE. @dorothyooko @YouTube @OleItumbi #andrewkibe."

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