Rapper Wangechi- I live with survivor's guilt after an accident claimed my friend Tionna

• On September 14, 2014 Wangechi and her two friends suffered a grisly road accident.

• Wangechi still feels guilty 9 years after the accident.

Kenyan Rapper Wangechi
Image: Instagram

Kenyan rapper Wangechi has revealed her latest album 'Distance In Between'is dedicated to her late friend Tionna Wangechi.

On September 14, 2014 Wangechi and her two friends suffered a grisly road accident.

Her best friend Tionna Wangechi passed on.

Speaking during an interview with Chito and Kwambox on Morning Kiss, Wangechi says year 9 years later, she still suffers from survivor remorse (guilt).

Survivor's guilt is when a person has feelings of guilt because they survived a life-threatening situation when others did not.

"The song 'Distance In Between' in my new album is dedicated to a friend that I lost back in 2014.

I had never written a full song about the whole experience, there was so much pressure at the time to write something."

Wangechi says dealing with survivor's guilt hasn't been easy

"I have never had the urge to write it until I did this, This is like my first album , You do not come to terms with what happened and

I have lived with survivor's remorse since then. After the accident, I feel like I shouldn't have done a media run. "

In a past interview Wangechi stated she did not have many memories of what transpired during the accident

"What I remember is having dinner at my friend’s birthday party and the next thing I was waking up in the hospital like I had been asleep."

How did she meet Tionna?

 "I met her online on Instagram when I was looking for a make-up artiste six months before the accident. She was just the complete opposite of me.

She was an extrovert and I like to keep to myself most of the time. We just clicked and hanged out more after that.

She was really sweet and she got along with everybody, there was warmness in a room whenever she was around."

Tionna died aged 19.

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