Njugush- Unemployment in Kenya is a ticking time bomb

• Njugush says the government is asking the youth to self employ themselves yet they keep raising taxes.

Blessed Njugush
Image: Instagram

Kenyan comedian Njugush says it's time the government addressed the unemployment menace in Kenya.

He was reacting to a video of NYS youth who had shown up in hundreds during the KDF recruitment.

Through his socials, Njugush described unemployment as a ticking time bomb.

"Ticking Time bomb!! These are EX NYS youth, Not the whole country....Not all University Graduates, Not form leavers, Not class 8 leavers.

No one is speaking about employment, especially for the youth, and when they do wanasema you self employ yourself then unatandikwa na taxes vizuuuri also business running in this country needs a magician. wue ."

NJugush further questioned 

"But wait until its almost Elections all over sudden vijana tutawaangalia. Hii kwanza lets forget kabisaaa ...Shida iko wapi..

Is it how we vote, who we vote or even do we actually vote or should we know our goose is cooked and create our own systems and structures or tuchimbe kisima tuingie wenyewe? 

Ebu tuongee kidogo."

Over 7,000 youth showed up for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitment exercise in Embakasi on Monday.

KDF on Sunday announced the recruitment of former National Youth Service (NYS) officers at Embakasi Garrison.

Videos of the scene on Monday showed hordes of people spilling across the main highway.

Below are some of the comments based on Njugush's sentiments

king_kennon1: This is a fundamental topic that people don't want to talk about, we have seen Eric Omondi talk about the cost of living and i am shocked that some people still think it's a comedy. This is a crucial time for youths to come together. It's our constitutional right as a taxpayer to demand good services from the Government.

jacmus14: I think it's high time we as youths we open our 3rd eye 👁, we suffer alot and no one cares until its election time,the fake prophets of parliament comes out with honey tongue wanaturabisha and we forget our problems,ama politicians ni wanganga juu I totally don't know 😢...sisi youths ndio tukona votes mob na 90% tuko jobless..Google examples angalia time ya maandamano kulikuanga na watu wengi adi unajiuliza kwani wametoka wapi,I think ni jobless people walikuanga wanaenda maandamano.. kindly my fellow youths we need to start our own movement, this is our time ⏲️ we need to speak bitter truth to Mr Ruto face to face kama katanuka kanuke.

cedybest: The problem is we are always making noise online, lets resist kwa ground.

joewmuchiri: Young people don’t vote that’s the first problem. They say It doesn’t matter until it does to them we are looking at the same vicious cycle SMH

seela_shukurus: We blame ourselves for making the wrong decisions every time.

wamboshayne: I cry for my motherland 😢 Hawa watu wote ni jobless na usisahau hii ni formality tu. What happens to us during elections? Kama sisi kama Kenyans we don't learn this time around and vote wisely next election we're doomed walai. Wanasema youth tuanze biashara na pesa gani?

ygate_north_texas_garden: Kenyans need to understand that politicians are civil servants.They work for the people and if they don't deliver you should "fire" them come next election.They are not " mheshimiwa" .They are paid off of our taxes

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