The controversial social media personality made public how much fueling his Mercedes costs

Full tank ni 22k- Influencer Sammy Boy cries

• Sammy owns a Mercedes Benz GLE

• He's also in the past revealed that he own an Audi which he declined to sell

Budding musician Sammy boy Kenya
Image: Instagram

 Controversial social media personality and budding musician Samuel Mogaka Ondieki popularly known as Sammy Boy has shocked Kenyans after disclosing the amount of money he uses to fuel his car... especially in these times.

According to the upcoming artist his Mercedes Benz GLE consumes Sh22,000 for a fuel tank when it's on reserve.

Sammy made his expenditure public during a recent Q&A session that he had with his Instagram followers after a netizen out of curiosity inquired how much a full tank cost the influencer, especially in these tough economic times.

The curious netizen had posed the question," Full tank ya mnyama ni kama how much hivi (roughly how much does it cost to fuel your big machine?)"

Replying to the inquiry Sammy shared a screen grab of his M-Pesa message dated 15th September 2023 when he'd last fueled his car. 

In the shared text it could be seen that he'd paid a total of Sh. 19,050 at a petrol station.

Unlike most celebrities, he however did not blur out his M-Pesa balance leaving it open that after the payment he still had over Sh140, 000 in his mobile phone wallet.

"To be honest, I just paid this the other day and my car's tank was not on reserve yet," Sammy captioned the screen grab.

He added;

"At the current fuel prices, my car at reserve point can clock Sh22,000 for a full tank,".

On whether he'd ever consider tying the knot in these tough economic times Sammy maintained that it was up to people to find ways of generating more money.

"We just got to increase the paycheck bruh! We can't run away from reality and it is not going to change a thing," Sammy wrote advising his over 1 million followers.

Team PSV what are your thoughts on this?

According to a publication by Who Owns Kenya, they interviewed Sammy Boy last year in November (2022) and he revealed that he makes 500k daily from his businesses.

"I have a beauty parlour (salon, barber shop, and spa), I have a gaming lounge, a clothes shop and I have 4 Ubers. My businesses generate between Sh.400k to Sh. 500k in a day, and that is a fact," Sammy said in the interview.

He however didn't mention where the capital from all the businesses came from.

Sammy sells himself as a Forex trader and maintains all the money is there. Besides that, he's also a musician and maintains he gets paid for performances and appearances as well as making money off his YouTube channel. 

He also sells E-Books and trading bots. 

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