Bahati's song' HUYU' pulled down from Youtube over copyright claims

• This is not the first time he has had a song pulled down.

bahati courtesy instagram
bahati courtesy instagram

Kenyan artist Bahati has suffered a blow after his song 'Huyu' got lulled down from Youtube over copyright claims.

According to the artsit, the claim has been made by someone oidentified as JINI X66.

Taking to her socials he shared

"Another attack from Tanzani, who is Genius X66?? He maliciously deleted my song #HUYU from Youtube from No. 2 on trending."

Bahati's song 'HUYU' pulled down from Youtube

Kenyans did not believe him with some alleging he was seeking sympathy and views

Below are some of the reactions to the video being pulled down

mceefrank: Jini X66 is a very talented TZ artist probably one of the most underrated, guy sings like a nigerian...his track with Jay Melody kwanza.....anyway..... He doesn't have the power to delete your video, its all about copyright claim which is legal. Its not an attack, its everyone's right to claim it if they feel infringed stop tinting his name for asking what could be rightfully his. This shit brings kenyan industry down, cheap clout, pettiness and poor scripting of staged issues. Bana Bahati stop being petty, if the song is not infringing anyone's right the YouTube will definitely bring it back you know.

deejaywiz_: Mbona Wewe Utoe REMIX Bila Mwenye Ngoma!? 😢😂😂

africatopmedia: Tunakukubali sana bahati huwa unact kama msanii mkubwa infact wewe tu ndo msanii kenya anaweza kuingia trending no.1 YouTube @otilebrown @willy_poul na @kaligraph ni kele tu 😂😂😂😂😂

jesseabisheck: If i say this is clout chasing will i be wrong guys?

tbaby721: But kusema kweli am your fan but haukuwangi original you copy everything from Tz artists 🙌


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