Amber Ray and Rapundo finally reveal their daughters face


• Their daughter is named Africanah Ochieng

Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray and her baby daddy have finally revealed their daughter's face.

Through their daughter's account, they introduced baby Africana with a video captioned


           Yes, I enjoyed my first meal.

The two have been keeping their daughter Africana out of the cameras for a while, they only posted pictures of her without any face reveal.

The images only showed legs and face covered with emoji until today when they finally decided to reveal her face.

Africanah Ochieng, their daughter has an Instagram account that keeps netizens updated on matters that concern her.

Imagine a baby months old having an account with 46.3k followers despite her face being unknown.

People have reacted to the face reveal and they are probably amazed at how the daughter just looks like the father Rapundo.

The account first posted a photo with an emoji on top saying; "guess who started eating" and then the video followed in later.

Even though she said a while back that she was not breastfeeding her daughter it seems like the daughter has reached her winnowing stage and she is ready to eat.

The daughter was welcomed in May after she posted a post with a caption explaining her safe delivery.

The socialite gave birth to her second child- a girl named Africanah- in mid-May.

"About the saying ‘you only live once “I’m starting to wonder how true that is! Could it be true that one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day? I may have a few more unanswered questions, but as for now."


"My man is with me as the angel of my house and I’m a brand new mummy! Welcome home baby A…I have felt you all this life and now I get to see you, hear you, and touch you…IT’S A BRAND NEW LIFE 🙌🏾 A life of many lives," Amber Ray shared about her safe delivery.

Amber Ray had earlier revealed that she has tried different methods to boost her milk supply.

There is something that is stressing me and I just felt like I need to ask you guys. Mothers who are breastfeeding, what do you do to get breast milk? I have tried everything. Eating lactating cookies, the pills, but my milk is still little. The maximum I can get is 50ml,” she said.

The social media influencer further questioned whether her getting a child later in life might be one of the contributors.

She said that when she gave birth to her firstborn son, she had a lot of milk unlike what she is going through now.

“The funny thing is that with my firstborn, I had so much milk. Have I hit menopause already? I have even tried pumping. I had to introduce my baby to formula. At the moment she even refuses to breastfeed,” she said.

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