Rapudos son Nate was turning 8 years old

Why netizens are sympathising with Rapudo's baby mama after son missed b/day party

• The wealthy businessman revealed that his baby mama had not brought their son contrary to their custody agreement.

Kennedy Rapudo had massive plans to celebrate his son turning 8 years old. However, that flopped after his son was not dropped off at the event by the baby mama.

Rapudo took to his Instagram to pen his disappointment at not being with his son.

The emotional message from the heartbroken dad got Kenyans questioning the state of the former spouses' relationship.

He wrote;

"I was eagerly looking forward to celebrating my son's 8th birthday today! This would be the first long weekend to have him for a sleepover )after a lengthy court battle) Unfortunately the moment was once again robbed from us because he was a no-show," read part of the message from Rapudo.

Rapudo showed videos of his home balcony beautifully decorated, with the table placed ready for a feast for his son.

He also indicated that he had been in a long court battle for child custody with his baby mama. Later Rapudo accompanied his fiancee Aamber Ray to Mwea for her club-hosting gig.

Amber assured him that he was the best father. "@kennedyrapudo You are a good father …… never forget that!😘❤️❤️"

Rapudo has two other children from different baby mamas. He hangs out alot with his daughter, as the fate of his son with another woman remains a mystery.

Kenyans online weighed in on the situation. Some of them advised the unknown baby mama to let Rapudo co-parent their child while many others empathised with her saying that taking her son to Amber Ray's house was a bridge too far.

Their opinions are expressed below:

mungesh_cecy..Mambo ya wazazi wawili siwezi ingilia,remember this is only Rapudo's side of story......

atieno_owuma...I would really love to sympathize with you...but then again let us be honest and sober your baby mama has time without no. Voiced her opinion on why she doesn't want your wife around your kid the least you could do is owe them respect for the sake of a blissful co-parenting, how do you throw a party at Amber's and expect them to show up jowa??? What if she equally wanted to be part of the celebration? The least you could have done is ironed your differences out without being sentimental listen to her and find a proper venue maybe just maybe things would have turned out differently. She stays with your son and she has a say on what is best for them

atriciafred...Things women do to punish an ex boyfriend when in reality they are punishing their own child. Sad

shiku854...If he was to be taken to another woman's house the mum has a right to say NO for reasons well known to her

naiserianmaiyo...I wish some women could understand how difficult it is to find a baby Daddy whom would support and love there kids dearly after separation

ngangaemmy...But in mom's defense, I think you should have held the party elsewhere but your house, just saying. Sorry about that thou.

_muthoni__v...Without knowing the other side of the story and from being a sole parent , i will say a mother has own reasons .Sometimes a mother’s intentions could be mistaken from malice but who knows ?All in all , wishing the young man a happy birthday

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