Trevor Ombija once worked as a matatu conductor 'for a long time'

• The journalist has risen from grass to grace and is one of the most recognisable faces on TV today.

Trevor Ombija
Image: Instagram

Citizen TV journalist Trevor Ombija is one of the most popular media personalities in Kenya at the moment and hosts the Monday Report on the leading TV station.

But many don't know the dad of one came from very humble beginnings even being a matatu conductor before fame. 

The man revealed this during an interview with Tuko, "I used to be a Matatu conductor in that area (Nyakach) for a long time."

The fit and lean Ombija still maintains a great relationship with the people of Nyakach stopping to interact with many of the travel operators in his hometown.

"Stopping at the bus stage and interacting with Boda boda operators and the matatu driver is natural for me because I was one of them," he explained.

Trevor's revelation comes a week after the newscaster marked his birthday telling Kenyans about the one thing he had learned over the years.

"Turning a year older today, there are many things that am proud of and others that I regret, but one thing I've learned over time is give yourself some time. It will all work out in the end, if it hasn't, then it's not the end, Amen? Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Officially a senior youth." 

Two and a half months ago. Trevor introduced his newborn son. His surprise news delighted Kenyans as the newsman prefers to remain private about his life.

The news about being a father was revealed on Father's Day.

"I think Trevor Jr. was trying to tell me something on #Fathersday but I don't speak "Baby" too well, so he resorted to hand signals. There's no kind of love like a parent's love, this I can say without fear of contradiction."

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