Nyota Ndogo's hubby gives her pricy Sh3million gift

Piece by: GRACE MUIA

• The singer who runs a restaurant in Voi, said she will build a hotel on the piece of land given to her.

Nyota Ndogo with her hubby
Image: Instagram

Nyota Ndogo's hubby from Denmark, Henning Nielsen, gave the artist a gift worth Ksh 3 million, something that she revealed on her Instagram page.

The singer who lives in Voi said she shed tears of joy when she realized what her husband had done for her.

"Dear friends, I am writing this message with tears in my eyes, because what my husband gave me, if I do something big for us and my dream. Tomorrow I have a lot of news, my husband will give me a gift," Nyota announced on September 14 before revealing the gift.

The next day, the 42-year-old mother of two revealed that her 60-year-old husband bought her land worth Ksh3 million.

"Hello, my friends. Fans wherever you are. You know that I do not post fake things on the internet. But this is the news I am going to give you. I know that I have been saying and praying to you and every time I say it, please pray to GOD. I know that if you said the name of GOD and you mentioned it better, you have mentioned him. GOD hear you. but I don't want to say that there are those who prayed in vain, I believe you all said AMEN. I have grown up seeing many messages about my hotel saying that I am in a cabin, here it is not your status and others are not even like me and they are very shy @esha.s.buheti who are the people I look out for following in their footsteps. But it's been six years at the hotel and I'm not in a hurry to do something or put pressure on myself. My colleagues are fine, no. It goes with time. And time is the time."

Nyota said her husband gifted her the farm and told her it was in her name. The singer who runs a restaurant in Voi, said she will build a hotel on the piece of land given to her.

"I TELL ME WRITE YOUR NAME THAT IS YOURS BECAUSE YOU REALLY LOVE ME. THE PLOT ITSELF WAS BOUGHT FOR THREE MILLION AND THERE ARE VOIs. Now Inshallah, let's build our beloved restaurant. Everything has its owner. GOD's time. That's right."

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