Nani anataka!? Wendy Waeni giving out iPhone 14 Pro Max after already getting the 15!

β€’ The gymnast's post earned her a lot of attention from Kenyans online who tried to get her to notice them.

Wendy Waeni
Image: Twitter

Wendy Waeni, Kenya's most famous gymnast has amazed many of her fellow citizens after showing that she had bought the recently-released iPhone 15. 

The phone which was released earlier this week is the hottest thing in the market and comes in 4 models with Waeni choosing the most expensive version, the Pro Max.

Wendy who recently moved to China showed off the receipt of the purchase on her Twitter page which showed that she would be receiving the phone a week.

Wendy Waeni with her iPhone 14
Image: Twitter

The price of the phone is 9999 Chinese Yuan, which when converted to Kenyan money is Ksh 199,987.

What impressed her followers even more was that she would be giving her iPhone 14 Pro Max once the other one arrived. 

"I'm getting my iPhone 15 Pro Max on the 22nd , Nani anataka nimpatie my current one? iPhone 14 Pro Max."

Waeni's post
Image: Twitter

Kenyans responded to the tweet with Kenyans in the comments section cheekily lobbying to be given the iPhone 14.

Read some of the comments below;

Bella@_Nana_Kc  Siku nitatumia iPhone, mirror pics will know me by my three government names... One day!!

DON@mwamiyes By the way Waeni ukinipea hiyo iphone 14 I am giving my current one to the most needy person of your choice

MR RIGHTβ„’ Yaani Baby unaniacha app unaenda kupeana simu kwingine 

wannaBeMase Hi,sijaitumia iPhone before,what do I need to do for you to gift me?

Ochieng@its_fanuel Uko sure hii c trap

Fredy Odashee Si unipee aki

Wizard of Oz IPhone does trade in 2

Kones.@BCherich hehe how many rts?

DON@mwamiyes Hey,, I can sing for you

At Allen@AllenPopUp Honestly , mimi, ill appreciate

Decapro@ian_kathurima Whats the catch

π™Ύπš›πš’πš—πšŠ@orina_brian Nataka hiyo 15

Jimmy Aseto Why would you order from China though? Weird3

61Cpt. Kibet Eeiiiiish Sawa tajiri 

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