The rise and rise of comedian Crazy Kennar

•Through 'The Tales of Crazy Kennar' he has been able to make us laugh while he laughs all the way to the bank.

Crazy Kennar

To many, he is known as Crazy Kennar, but to his family and friends, he is Kennedy Odhiambo.

Kennar has made a name for himself to be among Kenya's most sought-after comedians.

Through 'The Tales of Crazy Kennar' he has been able to make us laugh while he laughs all the way to the bank.

The third born in a family of four has proven that indeed laughter is the best medicine.

Kennar had always had an eye for acting and his dedication saw him link up with Stanley Omondi to create Tales of Crazy Kennar.

Omondi said he wanted to focus on building his brand.

 Before their breakup in early 2023, The duo was working alongside Bushra, Cynthia Wanjiru, and Yvonne Khisa.

Many saw the break as the end of Crazy Kennar but ironically he has gone on to produce some of the most viral videos ever. 

After the break, Kennar produced a video targeting Civil servants.

 In the video, Kennar humorously sheds light on the phenomenon of public servants decking out their homes with an array of items branded with various government institution logos.

 The video received replies from a number of the institutions he depicted in the video.

After that, he did a video depicting how misleading Google Maps can be especially in the village.

Kennar has been featured as a brand ambassador for different brands among them Airtel.

The award-winning comedian has been in a long-term relationship with entrepreneur Natalie Asewe.

His comedy journey has not been without challenges. 

He is however determined to help people overcome their battle with depression through comedy.

In an interview with Citizen Digital, he said

"Not depressed but I have been through that stage. I used to talk to my friends. When I rise I want to raise with the people around me. I must impact them whether directly or indirectly.

For someone to make it you must have a clear mind. If you are stressed you cannot think well. Success starts from the mind. We must stand against depression so that we can move together.

In 2022, he gifted himself a Toyota Prado Tx.

Last week he got a chance to meet South Africa's comedian Trevor Noah.

Kennar currently has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. He has more than 600K subscribers on Youtube.

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