Signs you are dating an insecure man

•If not well handled insecurity can end up in extreme cases such as stalking or murder.

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Relationships are beautiful but they can turn chaotic if one is dating an insecure man.

If not well handled insecurity can end up in extreme cases such as stalking or murder.

Below are signs that you are dating an insecure man

Never celebrates your wins

An insecure man is never happy when you grow more than he does.

He will never congratulate you on that graduation,promotion or any other win.

He will never see anything good you do. Insecure men always assume you must have slept with someone to get that promotion.

Or you must have dressed a certain way to attract the other gender.

Always wants to know your whereabouts

There is nothing wrong about a man knowing where you are or who you are with.

The problems begins when he wants to know your whereabouts 24/7. Such men track your car,Tapping your phone, stalking you etc.

Such men even take photos and keep them as 'evidence'.

Dictates your dressing

My dress my choice is a mantra most people live by.

But for insecure men one way for them to control a  woman is by dictating what their woman wears.

Some even dictates the type of friends one should keep

Frequent mood swings

Insecure men are always moody. Something minor as speaking to another man can trigger them.

Most end up becoming abusive and end up blaming you for pushing their buttons.

Lack of confidence

Insecure men lack confidence and hence they constantly need re-assurance.


Insecure men always make you feel bad and blame you for how they behave.

Such a man will beat you up or even sexually or emotionally abuse you and blame you for it.

If a man starts stalking or threatening to harm you please report to the nearest police station.

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