Andrew Kibe- I will host a graduation day for my Kenyan fans in December

• Andrew Kibe's YouTube channel was last week terminated.

• He has vowed to never stop producing content.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

Content Creator Andrew Kibe has announced he will be having an event dubbed Graduation Day, in Kenya this December.

Through his Instagram he announced

"I will have an event in Kenya in December, It will be our graduation day. The event will have limited tickets going for Sh2,000.

we want a manageable crowd and for people to have fun, si mcome huko mkinuka mauvundo. It will be a whole event. I had put 300 but I was told no. "

Early this week Kibe had his YouTube channel terminated.

Through his socials, Kibe said he foresaw the termination

Through his socials, Kibe says not even death can stop him

"Kibe is the best, the whole story has been trending the whole day. People have been saying I will go and wash old grannies. We have been waiting for this day. kunacelliwa a Youtube channel is that news?

They had not employed me. It doesn't make sense. I now have my own platform Yafreeka.

By Friday we will be going live on that platform."

Kibe says it's time for Kenyans to build their own brands

"Let's build our own thing so that we can be our own watchmen. How can they dominate us? I cannot say what I want to because people will get offended.


"I saw the blackout coming three months ago and started building my own platform which will kick Youtube out of Africa!! Sign up and start uploading content on my platform, Yafreeka- Declares Andrew Kibe after Youtube blackout

I will never stop doing this unless you find a way to kill me, Ata kama nitabaki na watu wawili. I will whip you daily."

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