My wife hasn't forgiven me after cheating on her 9-years ago- Man tells Maina Kageni

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

Why do women keep grudges? What is one thing you have done that your lady refused to let go? 

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Today's Morning show on Classic 105 was based on why women hold grudges for long.

The duo consisting of Maina and Mwalimu King'ang'i wanted to know why it's hard for women to forgive and forget.

"Why are you holding grudges, why can't you let go, women why are you doing this?"

The topic of discussion was influenced by a person Maina met the previous day who complained that the wife held a grudge for the past 9 years, he thought the wife forgave him but she always brought up the event.

 "I met a fellow yesterday who told me nine years ago he had an affair and his wife found out. They had their ups and downs but she forgave him. Forward to 2023, he realized that the wife had never forgiven him"

The radio presenters wanted to understand the rationale between women and holding grudges and humbly requested their listeners to help them understand.

A caller had this to say:

"I have been in such a situation some years back, but she forgave me and we got married now every time I make a mistake she reminds me of the mistake I made in 2007. Yeye akikosea n aunaaanza kumtetesha anarudisha makosa ya kitambo na unanyamaza."

Another added:

"Maina these ladies are unforgiving there's a day nilikuwa natoka CBD na hizi viti za gari zinakuwaga scattered.

Bable,ibi yangu alikataa kukaa nyuma aliketi mbele na mimi nikaketi nyuma na dem mwingine tukakuwa na conversation.

My wife aliona na alikata kuniongelesha for a whole week akanza kuniongelesha after  the week iishe I thought it was done kumbe bado inamuuma sai nikifanya kitu huwa nakumbushwa."

The last caller added:

"Personally, I don't have issues with holding grudges, I don't hold them, my sister on the other hand is worse she is 43 and she held a grudge because she was beaten when she was a teenager. Wakikosna na mamangu anabaki akikumbusha mom hunipendi ulinipiga nikiwa a teenager."

Some listeners didn't want the show to end without sending their views and decided to tweet their views. Below are some of the tweets.

@EllikinsL6934:  Maaaaaaaiiina wanasemaa women forgive but hard to forget more so when we messed up with them regardless of any silly mess we make

@PatrickRudiger2 -The hypocrisy in women is ridiculous, why don't you forgive and forget forever, then you come to me complaining for ulcers..

@BethwelKBett3 : Women Will never forgive you no matter what ata upige magoti aje maina

@IsaiahMull93174 : Ii gender ya nyoka haijuangi kusamehe,.ukifanya mistake kidogo unakumbushwa had enye ulifanya 10yrs back

@Solderwamundoro: -Women never forget coz no man says sorry, we always say 'achana na hio mambo' and life goes on

@jennykanyiri -That's our nature, we forgive but not forget, our emotions record as any mistake permanently and more so if its emotional betrayal

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