Kenyans share how they have been caught lying


• Have you ever been caught telling a lie?

Kwambox and Chito
Kwambox and Chito
Image: Kiss FM

Chito and Kwambox were today discussing how Kenyans have been caught lying in the past.

The debate was based on CS Moses Kuria, who was left in a dilemma after his 'lies' were exposed by Citizen TV's Sammy Gituku.

  "Have you ever been caught in a lie?" Questioned the duo

Moses Kuria, a Kenyan politician was in an interview at Citizen TV and was asked a question on the current prices of cooking oil.

The answer that he gave didn't match the current prices on the ground kumbe vitu kwa ground ni different.

"I have been caught lying, I told my friend that I was busy in a different destination than I was supposed to be in Kumbe I was in Eldoret partying with girls," Chito confessed.

 "my friend didn't know about this until today, maybe he is just finding out right now if he is listening," he continues.

If you know that you are gonna lie, please have some receipts or plan out your lie, not saying one thing this minute and saying a different thing the next minute.

People get caught because they just speak without confirmation.

Most people have been caught lying at some point even though you didn't plan to do so.

Here are some of Kenya's experiences on lying. 

Caller: "Yes I have been caught lying, my dad called me and asked if I was at home and I said yes. He told me to get him something and I told him to give me 30 minutes so that I could bring it to him. An hour passed and he called again so I rushed home and I found him home.

He told me that I should have just said that I wasn't at home instead of lying and gave me a few lectures and it was over. I was just hanging out with my boyfriend."

Caller: I have never been caught lying, I just don't lie.

Caller: I once lied to my friend that I wasn't at home while I was outside partying.

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