Hey bro, Gloria Kyallo wishes boyfriend a happy birthday

• The two have been dating for years.

• Many hope the two will end up together.

Gloria Kyallo and her boyfriend Ken
Gloria Kyallo and her boyfriend Ken

Gloria Kyallo is celebrating her boyfriend's birthday.

The reality TV star has described Ken as both her bro and her lover.

"Hey Bro!Happy happy birthday."

"I know that already calling you bro is raising an alarm but lets unpack that…Ken, you are the most brilliant, most kind, most compassionate and fun person I have ever met.With you, I feel seen, I feel heard and I feel so loved with you more than I’ve ever felt with anyone."

She added that they are the only ones that understand their dynamic of being both lover, friends and bros. 

"No one could ever understand our beautiful dynamic, how we’re best friends, bros and lovers but its so clear in our little bubble😊.Happy birthday honey.Here’s to living the best of our lives together.Here’s to you Ken Warui🥂A solid 10/10You’re destined for greatness.I love you!

The couple
The couple

In a 2022 interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Kyallo said she isn't ready to get married.

"I am not getting married before 35, I am still young. I don't want to think of being with someone right now. I am gonna be with Ken as long as I am happy if happiness ends, I will leave."


"I cannot force things. It would hurt but life must move on. We have never lied to each other, so when I say I don't want to get married it is coming from my heart."

Ken added;

"I told her we do not have to necessarily get married. I am a cultural man and would want a ruracio and a big wedding but I think I can compromise because I know we can get lovely babies. I am very conservative and she makes me happy plus she is very happy."

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