Pastor T recounts terrible toll alcohol and drug addiction had on him

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• The man of God shares an interesting way on how to overcome addiction, read below to know the easiest way to overcome addiction.

Pastor TMwangi
Image: Instagram

Anthony Kahura Mwangi famously known as pastor T is the lead pastor at Life Church International located in Kiambu.

Recently in an interview with SPM Buzz, the man of God confessed that he was once addicted to alcohol and cigarettes and it took a toll on his life that he decided to change and follow the Lord.

When the pastor was asked whether he had ever been addicted to any drugs, the pastor openly shared his experience with alcohol addiction.

"Unajua hatukudunda kutoka heaven, tumepitia hii dunia, tumepiga matei huku, tumekatia madem huko tumepigwa heartbreak tumepigana maheartbreak... tumevuta mafegi."

The pastor added that he had been suffering from addiction since his life back in campus and that he even dropped out because of drugs.

"Mimi nilistruggle na pombe na fegi, latest ilikuwa nikiwa campus, juu niliokoka nikaingia campo, campo nikadunda juu ya mapressure za campo alafu nikarudia tu Mungu."

The pastor stated that it was God that helped him overcome his addiction and that if anyone needs to step out of their addiction they should try coming back to the Lord.

"Pia watu wako church wanapitia mavitu, watu huhepa church ndio wapate safety, church haikuwagi ati sasa umemaliza addiction ndio uiinaingia,  church inakuaga nimeingia juu siwezi jisaidia ninahitaji God anisaidie."

The ex-alcohol addict said that there are people who come to church so that god can help them through their addiction and he is walking proof that god can help people through addiction.

"Church utapata wanastruggle na tei and that's why they come to church wanajua God can fix their lives. Najua kutaka kuacha fegi na inauzwa 10 bob na kabisa unajua ni mabtya ... na kutaka tei na unajua ni mbaya lakini bado unaendea."

The pastor finished his addiction story by urging people to come back to the lord since they'll find ways to help one overcome the addiction one is suffering from through fasting and prayer.

"Urge ikizidi unafundishwa fasting and prayers na hapo ndio hizi vitu zinaisha."

When he was asked why he didn't approach Bahati and pray for him as he was seen smoking in an Instagram post, the pastor simply stated it was a way to advertise himself and draw attention to him.

Below is a full video of the interview;

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