'Nyamu hufanya kazi saa ngapi!?' Kenyans ask over video of senator with Samidoh

• In one of the videos, they were seen in a taxi traveling from one place to another while smiling happily.

Samidoh with Karen Nyamu

Last weekend, Karen Nyamu and her bae Samidoh were spotted hanging out in Australia where the Mugithi singer has been performing.

The couple who are normally a lightning rod for criticism have again been seen together in a video showing them leaving a night spot and then traveling in an Uber.

In one of the Instagram Story videos posted by Nyamu, the two showed their hands each holding a glass and being merry with joy before singing.

In another video, the mom of 3 records Samidoh paying a bill to his Uber driver using a card and even cheekily mentions how someone can't eat fare.

Samidoh paying the cab fare
Image: Courtesy

Later on, we see the couple then heading to their rental home after alighting from the Uber and Karen asks him whether she can take a short call in the woods?

Samidoh carrying his travel bag
Image: Courtesy

Watch the video below;

The video has attracted a lot attention from Kenyans with many interesting observations.

Read some of them below;

wade_tonny Kuna beshte yangu anaitwa Sam ako na deni yangu nikamkal “sami-dohh” akanza kuimba Mugithi😢

benji_wachira Wacha heart burn.. iko nini watu wajibambe

sweetjlo80 Wajinga ndo watamrudisha Kwa kiti tena

waceke_waceke Senator Karen Nyamu Njeri hufanya kazi saa ngapi??ama kazi ni kufuata this mugithi singer every where🙁

stellahforever89 Does she ever practice politics as a nominated senator ama, cause all we see is this kinda content

don.balloons Sifuna doing senatorial job all alone , wacha huyu achunge bwana😢

makkracken What does she do again ????

geniuswhiteking Na huku si Roiro🤣🤣🤣🤣

beril_otieno 😂😂😂😂😂 unacha bwana anapata bibi 😢😢😢😢 this life ooooh

Meanwhile, Edday, Samidoh's first wife is enjoying herself in the climes of the USA where she is now residing.

She recently noted how the weather is very different where she is, saying, "The sun here burns differently."

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