How Jeff Koinange's marriage is still fine despite him not seeing his wife for 'a while'

• Jeff is married to a lady of Asian descent known as Shaila.

• The two share a teen son named Jamal.

Jeff Koinange
Media personality Jeff Koinange
Image: Courtesy

Celebrated media personality Jeff Koinange is letting fans in on little details about his life. The Citizen TV host famously known for his thundering voice revealed that one of the questions that baffles people is if he's still married.

“I am still married to Shaila, and I keep that a bit private since the other side of me is very public,” said Jeff during a candid conversation with the YouTube page, Convo, revealing why he strives so hard to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

He followed that up by adding that sometimes being in the public eye was very draining even though you are the one who chose a path that puts you in such a position.

Being a public figure is very draining sometimes, but you asked for it,” the 57-year-old former radio host quipped.

Delving into tidbits of his personal life Jeff revealed that he and his wife of 25 years were currently in a long-distance relationship.

We kept in touch; she is in Florida now. And because of this digital age now, we are still in touch. It’s been a while since we met,” Jeff shared maintaining that besides the distance they were okay.

Jeff went on to add that he has learnt to reconcile life as a public figure and his real off-screen life. He highlighted his immense love for his fans whom he maintains without them he wouldn't be where he is in life currently.

This was before he humorously added that his teen son, Jamal however detests the fact that his dad is a celebrity.

“My fans made me, and that is why I am very gracious with them. My son hates that though,” revealed Jeff Koinange.

The public figure and his Kenyan-Asian lover, Shaila Koinange said their vows back in 1998 the two grew fond of each other after their paths first crossed back in 1986. 

Before Shaila, Jeff was married to Sonya, a flight attendant, in New York but that union ended shortly afterward.

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