Furious Kamene blasts Kenyans with poor grammar in looong speech

• "How are you over 30 and still can't distinguish between This and These There and Their even Him and Her is still a problem??????" she said.

Kamene Goro

Former radio host turned club hostess Kamene Goro has released a statement shaming people with questionable grammar.

The media personality shared two posts on her Instagram stories where she wailed about people whose texts always had grammatical errors. Kamene intimated she was considering starting tutoring classes to help such struggling individuals as she didn't understand why anyone would have such terrible grammar especially when you are aged 30 years and above.

"I'm really looking at people's terrible spelling and grammar thinking maybe I should start a class on basic spelling and grammar," started the former Kiss 100 FM host.

Kamene went on to highlight that some errors were simply out of ignorance and the sheer lack of willingness to learn and do better.

"How are you over 30 and still can't distinguish between This and These There and Their even Him and Her is still a problem??????

Guys!!!!! Look, don't get me wrong... It's not mistakes, it's poor grammar and the lack of initiative to make it better that irks me," quipped Kamene defending her stance which she knew would be received negatively by a section of netizens.

Finishing up, Kamene emphasized that we lived in an easier time frame and access to information was free so making basic errors should be unacceptable, especially at a young age.

Kamene added besides things being digital you can always cross-check information with others around you as it is better to ask for help than appear not learned and miss out on opportunities just because of bad grammar.

"We live in an era where access to information is free and easy, so you really have no excuse, I look at CVs I receive with such negligent typos and grammar and I'm like WHY????

Double check, spell check, send it to someone to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, or even simply....Make Google your friend. You're missing out on opportunities because of negligence on basic grammar and spelling," the last of her lengthy post fueling grammar Nazis and calling out people butchering the queen's language.

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