Eric Omondi facing tough dilemma about the number of kids he actually has

• The comedian hinted that he most likely has many more children.

Eric Omondi looking on as his partner Lynn holds their daughter
Image: Instagram

Famous Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has openly admitted that he is not sure how many children he has. In an interview with a local radio station on Wednesday, Eric gave an estimate of his children that he knows to be about 3 or 4. 

The comedian-turned-activist however hinted that it is highly likely that he has many more children. "Personally, I don't know. I will say three, four.. let's say three," Eric answered when asked the exact number of his children.

Despite giving an estimate, the 41-year-old artist insisted that he cannot name the exact number of children he has fathered.

He continued to open up about an incident that happened when he was in the fourth form where a girl he was dating claimed to be pregnant with him, a claim that he has yet to prove until today.

"In Kisumu, while I was at school, a girl came home, her name is Rose. My mother called me and told me that there is a girl calling me and saying that she is pregnant with my child. I was in Form 4. I remember until today. I don't know if it was true, I was at school. I was made for noise, I went back to school, the baby came and we lost contact," he said.

The former Churchill Show comedian admitted that he knew the young lady at the time and said it was possible that her claims about him impregnating her were true as they were lovers.

For a long time now, Eric Omondi has also been alleged to have a baby boy with journalist Jackie Maribe.

In 2021, the two artists who were alleged to have had a romantic relationship shaded each other online about Eric's parenting.

Their feud got so bad that Eric raised doubts about being the co-parent of the former broadcaster.

The two were later reconciled by businessman Simon Kabu with apologies being issued to the public about what had been said.

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