Maina concerned about why young women aren't marrying young men

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• What might be the reason young men don't want anything to do with marriage and struggling in life, read to find out the reasons.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

In today's morning show at Classic 105, the dynamic duo comprising Maina and Mwalinu King'ang'i posed a serious question to their viewers.

The morning conversation revolved around a topic that is very disturbing and is happening each and every day in society.

The question of the day was, 'Why are young men suffering and why don't women want to marry people of their own age terming them as young?'

The morning show was inspired by a caller who stated that young men are suffering, they can't eat a basic meal, don't have a proper home and they are going through a lot. 

The duo wanted to understand why is it that ladies who are below 30 or even 25 years old don't want anything to do with people of their age bracket and when did they start hating being with people of their age bracket.

A caller had this to say;

"Maina lemme tell you I'm a young man of 27 I had a wife for 7 years but it ended. Due to a lack of advice and guidance, I lost everything, I'm still together with my wife but we don't live together I live in Gishagi and I had no option but to move to Gishagi I suffered a lot. Right now it is so hard for me to get a job I'm suffering Maina."

Another added;

"Human beings have always been human we've had the stone age, industrialization now IT  but we are evolving to something different. The biggest downfall of humanity is social media. Someone posts a lifestyle that you know they can't afford and you remain wondering how it happened. I pray that this phase will go we come to an age that is more practical we are in a fake world."

Below are some of the tweets from the morning conversation.

Mike Adaka-Mbarikiwa-@Michael18341 -As much as we are giving the girl child that much-needed attention, the same should be replicated to the boy child. Let's not assume this young generation. Let's go the Pastor Dorcas Gachagua way #MainaAndKingangi

JUMA@blurkey_ -Maina, am 21. It's not easy being a young man during this times... bt it's also painful to here someone saying we are competing with people above our age. We not in a competition we are basically trying to survive for the next day.

Bella Ndichu@NdichuBella -The current man wants things easy. If you compare the masculinity in man back then, and now, men have turned into ladies, they just sit and let their ladies do everything. It now looks like ladies have it easy but they are more focused on their goals than men. #MainaAndKingangi

alpha-genius@alpha_producers -Maina, u rem our parents walikuwa wanaanzia from scratch together, even dating imekuwa hard, right now boychild ako kwa corner. Tunaumia huku, hali ya maisha kwetu sisi young men have become hard here in Kenya.

Kipkemoi Victor _The Captain Viquetar@KipkemoiVictor9 -All this started the very day when all energies and attention were given to girl child, abandoning the boy child.. Things are thick for us, but tunajaribu. Mwanaume ni kujituma. @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi

GOVERNOR~KAHUHO@GOVERNORKAHUHO1 -Young soyboys wants; Dating older women than them. Going for sherehe each an every day Feeding on junk foods Living a lavish life and posting fake lifes on their social They want to drive Mercedes-Benz at their age of 20s, impossible Good things take time #MainaAndKingangi

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