Kumbe inakaa hivi! Vera finally flaunts her natural hair (photos)

• The socialite rarely if ever reveals what is underneath the wigs that she wears.

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has been in America not only gallivanting but also working (yes, kufanya kazi!) while she has been touring in America.

And while not going to touristy spots (and sharing the images) in the USA, the mom of two has still found time to take care of herself as far as he hair goes.

This morning, the socialite shared a few videos showing off her beautiful, luscious natural hair to those who might not know what she had underneath all the wigs she wears.

"Need new wig lines. My hair ain't so bad, hey," she captioned her first video.

Vera Sidika hair
Image: Courtesy
Vera Sidika showing off her hair.
Image: Courtesy

She then went on to post another video boasting about her healthy hair.

Vera Sidika hair
Image: Courtesy

Vera flaunting her lush hair is a first for her as she normally keeps it under the expensive wigs that she is always wearing. 

The voluptuous lady loves the wigs so much that she was accused of allegedly asking for a Sh 226,000 wig for free by a Nigerian luxury hair entrepreneur.

In exchange, the hair entrepreneur would get free publicity while shooting The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

According to the screenshots, by ChiemeRoyals Luxury Wigs, Vera slid into her DMs with a message.

"Babe you need to send me units. I'm currently filming the real housewives of Nairobi. If I rock your hair and do marketing when show goes viral you'll get good market in Kenya," Vera allegedly said.

According to the conversation, the business owner replied with the price of the wig Vera was interested in.

"Cost $1,849 Unit name: Butterfly unit."

Vera went ahead to claim that the hair entrepreneur had misunderstood her.

"You misunderstood my statement. but thanks for the reply," adding a laugh emoji.

The Nigerian went ahead to address the issue about influencers exploiting small businesses with their 'non-valuable' huge following.

"So all my customers that spend on their hairs are stup!d? I don't really get carried away but no of followers you have as an influencer!! I love me those with no followers.

These people are secret billionaires. My business is a very small one, we can't be sharing wigs now. A real brand supporter buys your product!

I mean they pay for it to support your brand. They will never want to take advantage of you no matter what! That's real integrity" - ChiemeRoyals Luxury Wigs wrote.

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