Kenyans' frustration about Harambee Stars' loss takes odd turn

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Kenyans share their disappointment with yesterday's game and possible mistakes that could have assured the team win.

Harambee stars playesr

Yesterday Kenyan national team Harambee Stars lost to South Sudan team Bright Stars 1- 0 in a FIFA friendly match at Kasarani Stadium.

Most fans expected a win from the game since Harambee Stars were playing on familiar grounds and had a home-ground advantage.

The stadium was packed to the brim yesterday by loyal fans who went to cheer and celebrate their national team because they had previously won a game against Qatar a week before and expected the team to continue with their winning spree. 

Most fans were disappointed and decided to direct their frustration at the government after noticing the Stars players didn't have a problem.

Although not directly they shifted the blame to the very many taxes and corruption that happens in the country and the sports federation as a reason for their failure.

Below are some of the tweets from people regarding yesterday's failure.

GoalLine Genius@idealist254 - The corruption with the ranks of Kenya's national football cannot allow the best talents to ascend to the national team. That lineup tells you more than you need to know.

Josiah@josiahmwangi87- Hakuna team hapa losing at home to Sudan? Sudan? Yet you have ambitions to ever play in the World Cup? Maybe the World Cup ikue help up in Kenya mpewe direct entry as hosts something which is impossible ju ata FIFA standard stadiums hatuna.

Extrovert Njambi@RnNjambi -Who in his /her right mind expected Harambee star to win this our national team is always a disgrace right left. In fact, they tried having won vs. Qatar. I don't know what is wrong with this team from officials etc.

Collins Oyugi@coyugiso-It was expected under this regime nothing is working the country is on autopilot. Unless Nick Mwenda vacate office nothing good can come from Harambee Stars camp

_Kalama@Iamtonny5- Need to upgrade. Corruption everywhere. Hope you can emulate what other countries are doing with their teams. By now you know only one tribe can run marathons, and it's time to invest in other sports.

Robert Chacha@ChachaRobert6- In my opinion, we lost against South Sudan due to a number of reasons,one poor state of the field, our boys played well in Qatar, look at Alja-noub stadium, second we have no creative players, poor tactics from the coach. Now this was South Sudan what of Tanzania and Uganda

Everton Kenya@Lewinyoeverton -Fixed game they knew after Kenya beating Qatar watu watakimbia kenya.... Cz how do you explain all those players who were missing today but played over the weekend, the excuse by the coach for their missing is hot air

Eric Njiru@EricNjiiru- FT: Kenya 0-1 South Sudan The #HarambeeStars, who beat Qatar 2-1 on Thursday in Doha, are beaten at home by 167th-ranked South Sudan with the focus now turning to October friendlies before starting the World Cup qualifiers in November. #FootballKE

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