Karen Nyamu compared to bank robber by fierce FB critic

• The nominated senator responded to the assertion in her characteristic unashamed way.

Samidoh with Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator Karen Njeri Nyamu has for a long time been heavily criticized for her romantic relationship with singer Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh.

The two have been dating for several years now and have been blessed with two children together.

Despite their public displays that they are happy to be together, it is clear that not everyone is happy for them.

The lovers have been severely criticized by their critics with the politician often being accused of stealing someone else's husband.

It is a similar case to the recent incident where under one of the posts, a Facebook user named Ptah Petta Peesh told Nyamu that thieves of another's husband are the same as bank robbers.

"By the way, pastor alisema hakuna mwizi wa bwana na wa benki. Wote ni wezi,” Ptah commented. In his response, Senator Nyamu asked sarcastically, "Sisi tunashikwa lini?"

Karen Nyamu's screenshot
Image: Courtesy

Another Facebook user ironically called her, "Thamweli's next M-kopo." Referring to M-kopo and Fuliza of Samidoh.

The politician surrounded by many dramas responded confidently, "Only the best is his."

Nyamu has never been afraid to defend her relationship with the Mugithi singer in public despite facing a lot of criticism on social media about it.

Recently, the politician noted that it was an act of God that Samidoh took her as his lover while noting that she always prayed for her children to have their father.

"God works in mysterious ways. I used to pray and tell God, 'You gave me good children, their father loves them.

He has other children that he loves very much, he has another woman that he loves very much...' I always asked God to deal with the situation. I cried to him from my heart.

Maybe the other woman also cried to God from her heart. I say fear God. God arranges his affairs. We hope for only the best results.

We hope things will work out for both parties. We have not given up on the other side. We are still asking for things to be done," she said.

In the past, Karen has always dismissed allegations that she stole Samidoh from his first wife.

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