Billnass-A woman can cheat on a rich man but can't leave him

• The rapper is married to his much more popular wife, musician Nandy.

Image: Instagram

Bongo Flava artist Billnass has sparked a debate after commenting that there is a difference between the rich and the poor in the whole matter of love.

Nass pointed out that a large percentage of women cheat while marriage, whether they are poor or rich but that there was a difference in how the women behaved afterwards.

The father of one who is also the husband of the artist Nandy said that even if almost all women cheat, the one who is married to a rich man cannot leave her marriage but the poor one can.

"One thing that I can tell you, if you have money, that is, if you have cash... because people say that the rich are treated the same as the poor, we don't know what women want.

But let me tell you, if you have money, it is easy for a woman to marry you, but it is difficult to leave you, but if you are poor, you don't have money, a woman can marry you and leave you," he said.

The musician revealed this several months after hitting the headlines when he openly introduced his love for Nandy.

According to the opinion of many, they felt that Billnass did not reach Nandy's level financially.

However, Bill denied that what he went after Nandy for her wealth and that he was a self-sufficient person in terms of money and he did it for love.

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